The Sbilfs are regarded by some as gnomes, by others as goblins, and yet others as trolls or fauns, but by us as simply magical creatures! These creatures inhabit the Carnia, the Alpine area north of Italy's Friuli region.
Friuli is a region of myths and legends handed down from generation to generation; the mountains' inhabitants used to blame the Sbilfs for anything that happened for which they could not give a logical explanation.

Sbilfs are by nature pranksters but are not in any way malicious. Far from it in fact, as they love to play jokes and get up to a little bit of mischief; they also love to dance and camouflage themselves in their natural habitat.
The legend says that they are likeable and impulsive, act instinctively and very often help people in difficulty in their own special way; the peasants used to thank them for this by leaving some unpicked fruit on the trees for them.

We, the Brewers of Dimont, have chosen to brew our beers at the foot of Italy's Friulian mountains so that we could use the fresh cool waters that gush forth from their rocks for our beers following the instructions of the Sbilfs who guided us in our choice.
Characterful and friendly - loves to sleep in a bed made of moss in the shelter of the old trunks of fallen trees; a great friend of the mountain inhabitants.
A Sblif that loves enclosed spaces and is a real homeboy. Favourite pastime: picking clothes apart!
Also known as Braulin, lives in the villages and hamlets and loves to play with lace and rope. Favourite trick: tangling both into skeins that are virtually impossible to unravel.
Loves to live in the stables and enjoys spilling the bucket of freshly milked milk and hiding farmers' tools from them.
Tradition has it that to avoid falling victim to his pranks, one would be well-advised to make him an offering of milk, cream and cjarsons (local Friulian dumplings) on Shrove Tuesday.
Loves open spaces and lives in cultivated fields: the paladin knight of respect for nature, he punishes all those who do not protect it.